Learn how to repaint with me!


What will you get on this new DVD? Well – it is about 35 minutes long and includes a full enhancement on one side of a doll’s face. I used a 22” American Model for this presentation so you can better view the details. As before – all of my painting is done in real time with pauses only for drying/resting. This DVD is beneficial to anyone who is interest in repainting art dolls or enhancing their own dolls. Good for beginners. Great for early repainters who are still learning and would like to do commission enhancements!

In the DVD I demonstrate two different eye and lip colors - one lighter and one more dramatic. I show you how to blush your doll the easy way. I also show how you can make your factory doll look like a repaint without having to start from scratch.

This enhancement is easy but detailed and it’s fun to do. At the end if you are not happy with your work you can remove all of the paint with alcohol and still have a beautiful – unmarred factory doll so there is no risk. To prove this I remove everything I painted at the end of the DVD. An important thing to know is that the paint hasn’t had time to set. I removed it directly after painting it. Once paint sets it will be harder to remove which is a good think if you want to keep your beautiful enhancement – just seal it after you are done to ensure it will last for years to come.

DVD Features


  • Repaint over factory paint showing both the simple and advanced methods of enhancement.

  • Two looks are created. One classic and one dramatic with two different eye and lip colors. 

  • List of supplies & tools included with DVD.

  • Complete removal of paint when done.

  • Best viewed on a computer screen or smaller TV to see details.

  • Running time 35 minutes.


Why buy my DVD? I have been a professional repainter for 7 years (one of the longest running). I also teach repainting in a column in Haute Doll Magazine. I have an excellent reputation and a simple to follow teaching method. 

Before dolls I was a fantasy artist as well as a professional cosmetologist.

  I use Golden Paint for my demonstrations and supply a list of all supplies used. Why Golden Paint? I have used this paint for 6 of the 7 years I have been painting dolls. I feel it leaves a beautiful finish and I also love the brilliant colors. 

The pictures shown here are simply to show my past work. Below you will find screen caps of the DVD.




DVD will arrive in a DVD envelope and shipper.

Shipping is $2 for Domestic - International buyers please add $1.

International is shipped out twice a week.

I print and ship Domestic labels the day of or the following morning they are paid for. 

Please email me if your DVD does not arrive in a timely manner. 

This DVD is a NTSC format (for N. America & Japan DVD players) but this DVD is best viewed on your computer (any computer any where) providing you have a DVD drive in your computer. It will not play in a CD drive. Some older DVD players hooked up to your TV may have difficulty playing this DVD.

If this DVD will not play for you - it can be replaced with a VHS tape.