Learn how to repaint with me!


Imagine earning money while you play?

That's what I do. And in this DVD I show you how I was able to earn a living and be a ‘stay at home’ mom. I did so well I ended up supporting my entire family, buying the car of my dreams, the furniture I had always wanted and a big screen TV. 

In this DVD I share with you my secrets.

If you are like me, one of those people who don't like to compromise on the quality of anything this DVD is for you.

 When I first started repainting I felt challenged and overwhelmed. There just wasn’t any information out there on how to repaint. 

DVD Features


  • Repainted lips in two different natural lips, coral, rust, hot pink and red. 

  • I show how to mix on the palette!

  • List of supplies & tools included with DVD.

  • Best viewed on a computer screen or smaller TV to see details.

  • Running time 50 minutes.

This DVD is a NTSC format (for N. America & Japan DVD players) but this DVD is best viewed on your computer (any computer any where) providing you have a DVD drive in your computer. It will not play in a CD drive. Some older DVD players hooked up to your TV may have difficulty playing this DVD.

If this DVD will not play for you - it can be replaced with a VHS tape.

Let me show you what took me seven years to develop.  

Imagine the fun you will have as you create the doll of your dreams!

Unlike anyone else I have the doll faced to the camera so you can see every little detail as it happens – in real time!


Not only that but this method can be applied to many different art forms including:

·        ALL Fashion Dolls

·        Sculptures

·        Reborns

·        Canvas

·       and much much more!

Why buy my DVD?

I have been a professional repainter for 7 years (one of the longest running). I also teach repainting in a column in Haute Doll Magazine. I have an excellent reputation and a simple to follow teaching method. 

Check out my feedback!

The pictures shown here are of my past work to demonstrate what I do. Below you will find screen caps of the DVD.

DVD will arrive in a DVD clamshell and shipper.

Shipping is $2.50 for Domestic.

$3.50 for International.

International is shipped out twice a week.

I print and ship Domestic labels the day of or the following morning they are paid for.

Please email me if your DVD does not arrive in a timely manner

Screen Caps of the DVD...