Thank you so much for your patience as I work on your commissioned dolls.

October 6, 2015

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I work full time as a doll artist 5 to 6 days a week. I have a studio office. In the evening I have been doing some art with colored pencils during my down time watching TV.  I guess I have busy hands. I have Sunday off.

Please see completed dolls below. 

Check back here to see if I am working on your doll. I will remove the commission from the list once the doll/dolls have been shipped. But you can look below to see pictures of all of the dolls I have completed. Thanks!!


James Repaint exchanged for Alabaster Completed and shipped
Alabaster Male Completed and shipped
Johnny Depp Tourist Not Started
LOTR Galadriel Almost done
Princess of Persia  Not Started
Tyler Not Started
Pocahantas Not Started
Ballerina Not Started



Completed - not shipped

James Bond

Almost completed


Completed - not shipped

Jamie Alexander - Lady Sith


Resin Doll

In progress

Stacee Jax


Various Dolls for Dark Shadows, Charlie's Angels and Lost in Space Always in progress


Click the link to see these beauties.

Starlets in Lingerie



Joe Haskell Dark Shadows

David Collins Dark Shadows Series

Michelle Dockery


Tris and Four

Carolyn Stoddard

Sarah Collins

Finally finished up Dean... here are the Winchester Brothers.

Sam Winchester

Marco Dapper

Dark Shadows Series

Eater of Souls goes home to Seer of Souls

Anakin still needs his hair done but he is almost complete.


Charlie's Angels

Dean Winchester

Takes the Cake

Will Robinson - Lost in Space

Major West - Lost in Space

Professor Robinson - Lost in Space

Penny Robinson - Lost in Space

Blake Carrington

Seer of Souls

Princess Leia - Cloud City

Scarlett Revised

Black Panther... hair still needs to be done.

Luke Skywalker - Return of the Jedi

Snow Leopard





AG - returned for a reroot

Kim K


Scarlett J as Black Widow (Birthday Bella)

Mariah Carey (Euphemia)

Stacee Jaxx (Matt)

Sarah Michelle Gellar (Bette Davis)

Zombie Boy

Snow White


Wolf Girl (Glinda)

A couple of Avant Guarde dolls.


A Sybarite

FFranklin Mint Marilyn Monroe

Avant Guard


Wonder Woman - shipped


She isn't exactly done but she is getting there.

This Alabaster Hal is all done. Shipped.

Freedom For Fashion is done and approved. Shipped.




This lovely lady is shipped.

Black Swan approved. Shipped

Madonna Approved & shipped

Han Solo Approved and shipped





Penelope Cruz Repaint/shipped

Sarah Michelle Gellar Shipped

Elena Gilbert - Approved - shipped

Kathleen Turner - approved.

Little Resin girl is approved. Final touches before packing and shipping.

Cher - shipped.

Jagged Fel Shipped

Aeryn shipped 10/15

Tau Nyana shipped 10/15


Jaina Shipped

Ships 10/2


Vampire before her hair is complete.

Jaina Solo - need to cut/style hair.

Vampire Bill shipped

Resin Ashleigh shipped



Wonder Woman

Gemma shipped


Little 10" Resin Girl (pending approval)

Tess (Larissa) Repaint Shipped

Twin Ashleigh Repaints Shipped

Medusa's Transformation - shipped

Vampire "Essence" Repainted Kit - shipped


Audrey Hepburn as Sabrina out of a Poppy Parker Doll - shipped

Mortimer Repaint - shipped