Thank you for your interest in my dolls.

I have a mailing list through Yahoo Groups but it always seems to be giving me trouble! So I now have a personal mailing system which will inform you immediately when a new doll is about to become available. Whether you are a collector or simply enjoy seeing what is new - please join in on the fun.

I place about three dolls on Ebay each month. But I like to have direct sale dolls too which I sell right in my Sales Room. I offer these only to the people on my mailing list and generally do not announce them anywhere else unless the doll goes unsold.

Because I am selling through my web site I am not paying Ebay fees which tend to get high. I pass this savings on to you.

Just email me! I will add you right to the list and you will be the first to know when new dolls become available either through my web site or on Ebay.

Happy doll collecting!!

Laurie Leigh