This doll is in a private collection.

Jamie Fraser was created out of a 17" Tonner Matt doll. His face has been meticulously painted, contoured and shaded using a variety of artist tools to create the likeness of Sam Heughan as he appears in the Starz series OUTLANDER. His mole was added to his face and each hair of his whiskers painted with a fine brush. His face is finished with a flawless matte sealer. His blue eyes were then sealed like a dome to create a realistic look.

His back took some extra time as I wanted to create some serious scars. I recreated the look using a process similar to F/X makeup and painted it.

I removed the Matt Doll's original hair and created a wig. This process begins with creating a wig cap and then adding the saran hair one piece at a time.

Next came Jamie's outfit. The special Tartan fabric was ordered in miniature. I then made his kilt and shoulder piece. I hand sculpted the pin on his shoulder. I altered a Tonner doll vest and added a shirt, boots and belt with sword.

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