Updated: October 6, 2015


My poor galleries. I make more dolls than I can keep up with! I am going to create one gallery today for Twilight. : ) Please check at the bottom of the page for archived galleries... especially work before 2007. You can still see current work through the link above for my commission page, on my homepage and visit Facebook too! I have a lot of pictures there.

New Gallery I am working on! Star Wars!



Recent dolls until I get a chance to organize my galleries.


Sold - thanks!

Sold - Thanks!

Sold - thanks.

Sold - thanks.

Katy Perry Monster High sold

Marilyn Sold

Inspired by the Twilight Saga! Edward Cullen is sold - thanks.

Inspired by the Twilight Saga! Emmett Cullen SOLD. Thanks!

Inspired by Oz: The Great and Powerful! Theodora is SOLD! Thanks!


SOLD - Thanks!

Marilyn Monroe Sugar Skull will be on eBay again tonight at 9Pm EST


"Esqueleta" Skelita Calaveras is on eBay tonight at 9PM EST!

"Sugar" Skelita Calaveras is on eBay tonight at 9PM EST!

"Skelly" Skelita Calaveras SOLD

Padme Amidala Repaint SOLD

Brooke Shields Repaint on eBay tonight at 9PM EST

Angelina Jolie Repaint on eBay tonight at 9PM EST

Sold -  Monster High doll - I call her "Fractured"

Oscar  - The Wiard - Oz: The Great and Powerful Repaint sold.

Oz Doll Complete!


Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games Repaint Sold.

Gale Hawthorne Repaint is SOLD

Katniss Everdeen Repaint SOLD

Angelina Jolie Repaint SOLD

Bella Repaint SOLD

Tallie is an original Gene repaint from the Simply Gene Line... brunette SOLD

New Sydney Repaint SOLD

Tyler Repaint SOLD

Sydney Repaint SOLD

Snow White SOLD

Vampire Diaries Caroline Repaint SOLD

BJD Face Up on eBay June/Rainy Elfdoll SOLD

Kareen is up next! SOLD

Renesmee is sold. Tahnk you.

Cole is sold... thank you!

My newest little Monster Doll! Isn't she too cute! Her name is Robecca Steam... I didn't change it. I just re-imagined her. She is on eBay right now. Her picture is a link.

Princess Tamina from The Prince of Persia Sands of Time SOLD

Han Solo client picture of his finished costume. Fabulous!


Luke Skywalker is SOLD and SHIPPED!