This doll is in a private collection.

Regina Mills, aka The Evil Queen was created from a 16" Tonner Tess doll.

I love this character and spent months in preparation to create her. I decided early on I wanted her gown to be amazing so I asked Becky Unger to do the honors. I can't express how beautiful the gown is in person. The tiny stitching and embroidery alone! That collar! I am in awe, literally. To learn more about the gown visit her website at

While Becky worked on the gown I focused on getting the doll right. Her hair was originally too light so I ended up dying it the right color. I only needed a few shades darker. The hairstyle was quite the challenge but after some trial and error I managed to get it where I liked it.

This particular Tonner doll proved to be a good match for Lana Parrilla's face. I "sculpted" in her features using artist quality paints, pastels and sealers. I even added her scar and tiny mole. And not to mention, that half smirk.

As I look at her I see a miniature portrait doll of one of my favorite characters.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed the pictures!