This doll is in a private collection.

The Dead Dolls Walking was a collaboration of several artists, coming together to create dolls inspired by the show 

The Walking Dead.

Created in the likeness of Norman Reedus as he appears in AMC's  The Walking Dead as the character, Daryl Dixon.

Daryl was created using a 17" Matt doll by The Tonner Doll Company. His face was re-sculpted using a Dremel Tool as well as fillers to get the head sculpt to look as much like Norman Reedus as possible.

I then shaded and re-painted the doll using a wide range of tools. It takes many hours to complete just the face alone. Imagine a miniature portrait. Each layer of work is sealed to a flawless finish. His eyes are domed to appear lifelike. His body is also brought to life through shading and contouring, down to his fingernails and toenails. All sealed to a matte porcelain finish.

I removed this doll's hair and created a wig. Using saran hair that had been heat set and a wig cap that I made. I attach the hair piece by piece.

Next comes his outfit. I wanted him to have his leather vest. That was very important to the final look of the doll. I like to use found items to create my doll outfits. It makes them unique. In this case I used a faux leather that was super soft. I painted it with a special acrylic ink. I hand sewed most of the vest because the faux leather didn't like my machine. I then drew the wings on muslin and cut them out, and then quilted them on as appliqués to the back of his vest. Each black line you see is stitched on. 

His shirt was a Tonner man's shirt. I cut off the sleeves and used them to create front pockets with buttons. I then weathered the shirt and stained it with dirt, blood and sweat. His Tonner jeans were dyed and then ripped up, stained and weathered.

His shoes are a recreation from boots. I added the top stitching and laces (plus blood stains and dirt). His faux leather hunting knife belt was hand crafted by me, tiny stitches that took hours to finish and perfectly fit the hunting knife that I hand sculpted.

So much attention was paid to the detail of this one of a kind miniature portrait art doll. 

I hope you enjoy the pictures! Thank you for stopping by!