"When creativity isn't valued in society, destruction takes over."  Shelly Berc on the study of tapping creativity

To my surprise and delight, Anya arrived safe and sound this morning. Wow! How fast was that?! I was not expecting to receive her so soon, but, hey, I am not complaining. :)

Sigh ... Swoon ... Anya is breathtaking, drop-dead gorgeous and everything I hoped for. Sheer perfection. Laurie, you're an artistic whizz. I have long been an admirer of your outstanding repaints and to finally have one come live with me is a dream come true. I'm so happy.

Thank you so very much. It has been a pleasure.


Recently I was emailed and asked what a repaint was and what kind of dolls these were. This is my response and I thought it might be helpful to others who find my site and don't know anything about repaints and 16" fashion dolls! 

A little over 10  years ago I asked the same question. What is a repaint and what dolls are those? Where can I get them? In 1995 the first 16" fashion doll came along. She was sort of like Barbie for adults (not that adults don't love Barbie). Her face paint was less than desirable by many so a few people tried to change her look by removing her factory paint and re-painting the doll themselves. And with eBay as a new way of reaching people they sold their newly painting dolls and called them repaints.

Then a wave of talented artists came in and took over the market and it turned into a sensation. I discovered it then and knew it was perfect for me. A hairdresser and artist - plus I love dolls! So I bought my first Gene doll on eBay. When she arrived I was stunned by her beauty and size. This was not at all like a Barbie but so much better. I started repainting and placed her on eBay. She sold well so I did another and another.

Gene wasn't the only doll to come along. Robert Tonner developed Tyler. But not many were crazy about her. But Mr. Tonner didn't give up. He listened to what people wanted and created Sydney. She was an instant hit! While Gene needed her face repainted and all of her fashions where dated 1940's - Tyler and Sydney had a modern wardrobe that was very appealing. Mr. Tonner also hired a repainter to do the factory paint for his dolls. This went over well. But we artists still can't help ourselves! We still painted Tyler and Sydney and make them unique.

Mr. Tonner became so successful with his dolls he continued to create more doll faces. Now I believe he has about 30 different fashion dolls and I love to paint all of them.

Mel Odom who created the Gene Marshall doll has gone to another company and recreated his beauty. She will be re-released at the end of this year.

As for me - I am thrilled to have found this form of art in its infancy. It has opened so many doors for me. Not only do I repaint dolls but I also write a "how to repaint"  column for Haute Doll Magazine. You can get back issues through their website. I was fortunate enough to be the featured artist in the premiere issue.

I hope I have answered all of your questions. Follow the links and enjoy!

Laurie Leigh


This is my Minime created out of the new Tyler sculpt.